Install PostgreSQL ODBC Driver

Browse to PostgreSQL’s official download site for psqlODBC and download the zip file containing the x64 bit .msi installer and you can installation the process.

Create ODBC Data Source

Let’s start the ODBC Data Source (64 bit) application from the Server Manager applet (see below).

We can get info from SQL Server with PowerShell. I used Windows Powershell ISE.

You can following the below steps.

Finding SQL Server instance, version number, Product level, host platform, and with a credential user.

So, what is mean?

Long story short,
a table without a clustered index is called Heap. But you can also add non clustered index without a primary key.

You can list all heap tables with the following script.

SELECT + ‘.’ + AS TableName FROM sys.tables AS TBL INNER JOIN sys.schemas AS SCH ON TBL.schema_id = SCH.schema_id INNER JOIN sys.indexes AS IDX ON TBL.object_id = IDX.object_id AND IDX.type = 0 ORDER BY TableName


SELECT TOP 1000, i.type_desc, o.type_desc, o.create_date
FROM sys.indexes i
INNER JOIN sys.objects o
ON i.object_id = o.object_id
WHERE o.type_desc = ‘USER_TABLE’
AND i.type_desc = ‘HEAP’

Powershell SQL Server Module

Check if your module installed on your system

List all databases

Install Microsoft SQL Server 2019 on Ubuntu 20.04 and then, Install dbaever tool to connect to the SQL Server

Minimum system requirements

-Minimum memory of 2 GB

-CPU processor with a minimum speed of 1.4 GHz. But the recommended is >= 2 GHz

-SQL Server requires a minimum of 10…

The full error can be seen in the screenshot below :

The issue is caused by something to do with the value that is returned by default in the configured Named pipes. Firstly,

– Open SQL Server Configuration Manager
– Branch out SQL Server Network Configuration
– Click on the Protocols for your instance.
– In the right-hand pane, right-click on Named pipes and then click properties.

– Change the value in the field Pipe Name to


Click ok. Then restart the SQL Instance. You should now be able to connect to the instance.

Page Life Expectancy (PLE) metric has long been considered a key performance indicator for DBAs looking at the overall health of their database instances. PLE shows whether the system is under internal memory pressure using counters provided by the Buffer Manager Object.

PLE is a measure of the length of…

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